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Julie Berrie


About Me


I have the British Wheel of Yoga teaching Diploma and have been teaching yoga for over
19 years in Gatley and in local Adult Education.


My classes are held at Gatley Hill House, which is at the corner of Church Road and Styal Road.


I love teaching yoga to people of all ages and abilities. I particularly enjoy teaching relaxation and stress-busting techniques, including mindfulness, which I feel are so important in today's society. I recently completed a diploma in Yoga for Stress and Burnout, and have completed training in other aspects, including Yoga for posture and healthy bones.


When I was young my dance training gave me a desire to move and stretch my body and to be in control of the way I move in the space around me. This is where my love for yoga began though I didn't know it at the time. I encourage people to move in a way that feels good and always listen to what their body is telling them.



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